WordPress is a very popular Content Management system in the world because of its flexibility and extendibility. WordPress has tons of hooks to extends its functionality. The plugin is one of the best ways for them to extend the WordPress functionality. We can say that plugin is the blessing of WordPress. If you are a beginner in WordPress then you may need to know what is the Plugin in WordPress and how to install a WordPress Plugin easily.

how to install a wordpress plugin
how to install a wordpress plugin

In this article, we will guide you step by step that how to install a WordPress Plugin, best practice and the common issue of installing a plugin.
Let’s start to know what is a plugin and what a plugin can do in WordPress.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress plugin is a piece of code or small software which can extend the WordPress functionality or add functionality in WordPress Website. They can add new features or extend a function in WordPress. WordPress Plugins are written in the PHP programming language and install in the WordPress website.

What a WordPress Plugin can do?

This is no short answer to this question. The one word answer is it can do “many” things in WordPress. It can add a custom field, It can send an email, it can notify the admins, it can take whole website backup, it can clean up your Database, It can be used to increase security o your site and many more. You will familiar day by day if you are a beginner in WordPress.

How to install a WordPress Plugin easily?

There are three ways to install a WordPress Plugin. The easiest way is to install Plugin from the WordPress dashboard.
Login your WordPress website and get the plugin menu in the menu dashboard on the left side and select “Add New”. It will show some popular and most used plugins. If you want to install a specific plugin then search on it on right top corner search box. Follow the picture. After the search, we will see the desired plugin. Install it and activate it.

how to install a wordpress plugin

Work with Plugin settings

After install, some plugin has self-settings. Find the plugin setting. It can be in installed plugin list or under the setting menu or direct the dashboard menu. In our example, it is directly in the dashboard menu.

how to install a wordpress plugin
how to install a wordpress plugin -settings

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Install a WordPress plugin from downloaded file

If you have a plugin which is downloaded before you can also install it easily. Go to plugin-> Add New
Click the Upload menu and select the upload file from your computer and click the install now button. Activate it.

how to install a wordpress plugin

Install a WordPress plugin via FTP

If you want to install a WordPress plugin via FTP you can do that easily. Sometimes upload a plugin from WordPress dashboard get an error or not uploading. The FTP is the best solution in that specific case.

Access your FTP account via FileZilla or any other FTP client software.
and get the wp-content-> plugin folder

how to install a wordpress plugin

Upload the downloaded file and go to the WordPress dashboard. Click the plugin menu and you will see the uploaded plugin. Install and activate it.

Best practice and common issue and tips

1) Before installing a plugin be sure that it is compatible with your WordPress version.
2) Check the plugin updated or not. If you install a backdated plugin it can contain a deprecated function which can be a reason to insecure your site the site can be broken.
3) Before installing a plugin read about it and its rating and current install.

Now you know how to install a WordPress Plugin easily, best practice and common issues. Stay connect with Your WordPress Expert to get fresh content and WordPress tips. Stay well.